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Educated Nurses

do not have a Canadian nursing license and I have a study or work permit



Note: If a competency assessment is required, you must be in New Brunswick for the assessment.





Step 1: Find a job and accept a job offer. Explore available job opportunities in New Brunswick nursing homes here!


Step 2: To start the immigration process, apply to one of the immigration programs through the province of New Brunswick here.


Step 3: After receiving approval through the province of New Brunswick, apply to the federal government here to receive your temporary work permit and permanent residency status.



Note: You can start the immigration process at any point while obtaining your license.

Note: There are many opportunities to work as a casual, part-time or full-time Resident Attendant in New Brunswick nursing homes while you complete the licensing process. Learn more about the role of the Resident Attendant here and check available positions on the career opportunities section of this site.

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