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International Candidates

We are recruiting Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN). If you are an internationally educated nurse and are not yet eligible to work in Canada (you do not have a work permit) please register here for New Brunswick’s IEN Navigation service.

New Brunswick’s IEN Navigation service, designed specifically for internationally trained nurses (IENs) provides customized, client-centred assistance at no cost to the candidate. The service works with each candidate, helping them to navigate key challenges they might experience during the process to licensure, offering guidance surrounding:


- The National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS);

- Provincial entry-to-practice competency assessments;

- Bridging programs available in the province; and

- Provincial regulatory bodies.

Local Candidates

We are recruiting for the positions of Resident Attendant (Personal Support Worker), Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse. If you are eligible to work in Canada NOW and/or have a Canadian nursing license from ANY province, please complete this form:

NOTE: Local candidates only. If you are not eligible to work in Canada, please do not complete this form. You will not receive a reply.

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