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Nursing homes are more than a place of employment. They are homes. They are community. They are family. When you work in a New Brunswick nursing home, you are part of collaborative team of professionals earning a competitive salary and benefits package, no matter what your role. And most importantly, you are enabling quality of life and a sense of community for our most vulnerable citizens. Explore the many career options in our nursing homes today!


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Pay & Benefits

New Brunswick nursing homes offer wages at or above comparable jobs. Resident Attendants (equivalent to a care aide or support worker) start at over $20 per hour with a full benefits package, including pension and paid vacation. All Registered Nurses are Class B nurse managers, in a leadership role. Our other departments including housekeeping, maintenance and dietary staff also earn competitive wages and benefits packages.

Work Environment

New Brunswick nursing homes provide care to individuals with complex care needs, including the frail elderly and those living with dementia. Nursing homes provide around the clock care delivered by a team of healthcare and other professionals, with 24/7 access to a Registered Nurse. Our homes offer a flexible, shift work rotation, including days, nights, weekends and holidays.

Approach to Care

New Brunswick nursing homes have a person-centered approach to care. Family members are encouraged to play an active role in their loved one’s care plan and our staff build meaningful relationships with residents and their families. Our homes offer a holistic approach to care and daily life in the nursing home to ensure the physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of residents. Our care teams include activity directors, rehabilitation coordinators, and more!


New Brunswick nursing home staff use some of the most advanced equipment and technology in the industry, including the interRAI LTCF resident assessment system, mechanical lifts and other assistive aids, and electronic medication administration. A comprehensive safety program, e-learning platforms for ongoing education, and one of the highest professional staff ratios in the country promotes staff safety and ensures our residents receive high quality care.


All nursing homes in New Brunswick are privately owned and operated organizations that are deeply rooted in their communities. The majority of our homes are run by local Boards of Directors and maintain strong community connections. Our homes welcome many volunteers, host events throughout the year, and actively engage with local organizations and institutions, including students from grade schools, colleges and universities. Each home offers a unique atmosphere that reflects the local culture.



Registered Nurse (RN)

  • Lead the care team

  • Develop therapeutic relationships with residents, staff and families

  • Independent decision-making using clinical judgment

  • Conduct holistic assessments 

  • Develop care plans

  • Ensure resident and staff safety

  • Delegate, organize and supervise care staff

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

  • Assist with activities of daily living

  • Perform nursing interventions including vitals, dressings

  • Administer medications and therapies

  • Monitor resident status

  • Collaborate with RN to develop and carry out care plan interventions and monitoring

  • Develop therapeutic relationships with residents, staff and families

Resident Attendant (RA)

  • Assist with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, oral and skin care, positioning in bed, feeding and transferring.

  • Participate with residents in restorative care programs and leisure activities.

  • Communicate with residents and families

  • Working alongside Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)


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