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AGM Award Recipients 2019

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Executive Director Award of Excellence

Recruitment of Internationally Ed

This award is given to acknowledge nursing homes who demonstrate excellence in exceptional circumstances. We are experiencing recruitment challenges as a result of an identified provincial labour shortage, that we know will only continue to grow, unless targeted action is taken. We have limited experience in recruiting and welcoming newcomers. However, a group of nursing homes have taken a leadership role in championing the recruitment and retention of Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN). Over the last year, these homes are collectively responsible for recruitment of over 50 care team members from countries such as India, Philippines, and Africa. The following homes have put tremendous work towards the development of our labour force: Carleton Manor, Church of St. John & St. Stephen, Campbellton Nursing Home, Forest Dale Home, Grand Manan Nursing Home, Kenneth E. Spencer Memorial Home, Loch Lomond Villa, Monarch Hall, Mount St.Joseph Nursing Home, Tucker Hall, Foyer St.Thomas de la Vallée de Memramcook and Villa Providence Shédiac.


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