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Nursing Homes Without Walls - Helping Seniors Stay at Home - Westford Nursing Home

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The pilot project 'Nursing Home Without Walls' initiative is under the direction of the Centre for Research on Aging through Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard at the University de Moncton. A Senior Navigator and Assistant have been hired and are working out Port Elgin to provide outreach to seniors over 60 in the rural area east of Sackville to the Nova Scotia border and from Shemogue to Cape Tormentine.

Under the mandate seniors living in their existing residence will be approached to identify what support services they require. Services could range from a support worker to help with housekeeping, foot care visit, transportation assistance, or a meal service, as well as many other needs. The local office will link the senior to the appropriate service and follow up to ensure that their need has been addressed.

Socialization of seniors is important in their aging and rural seniors tend to be isolated, so efforts will be made to help seniors to attend social events which will also include healthy living advice. A telephone service is also planned to call seniors living in the rural area, to ensure they are doing fine. This will be particularly helpful during the winter months. Volunteers will be recruited to participate in the project and to help spread the word regarding the new service available for seniors.


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