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Visit to Omni College in Vancouver

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

In February, an Immigration Officer from Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, and Julie Weir, Assistant Director, Responsible for Clinical and Care Innovation with NBANH, visited Omni College, at their Vancouver campus. They had the opportunity to meet 60+ students and deliver a presentation focused on working in long term care from the employer perspective, as well as all the exciting things happening in the nursing home sector in NB. The Immigration Officer was able to speak about the immigration processes and other living considerations. Their presentations aligned very well and gave the students a glimpse into our reality in New Brunswick.

They were fortunate to meet with all currently enrolled students of Omni, as well as their graduates who finished the program earlier that month. The students were very interested to hear that they could come to New Brunswick to work as a Resident Attendant (PSW) while they worked toward their Registered Nurse or Practical nurse requirements. One aspect that was particularly exciting for the students was that there is no Resident Attendant registry in New Brunswick as in British Columbia. The students talked at great length about the positive experiences of some of their friends who have been working in NB.

At the end of the presentation, the students were encouraged to send their resumes to our team and explore careers with us! If you are also interested, please email with your resume attached.


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